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Terms of Use

Welcome to NRI Marriage Services, a leading NRI matchmaking platform.The website sticks to our objective, which is to replace the use of traditional classified ads in newspapers for matchmaking with our online matrimony services. Our team represents the individual’s profiles who are eligible to get married and make their profiles attractive to give them an ideal match. The team cannot use any data from your profile for any commercial purpose. We have packages to offer that help our members to get their ideal soulmates easily.

The primary step is to become our member to make use of our matrimonial services and for that, you need to register with us. After becoming a member, you will be subject to all our terms and conditions that you must read carefully before proceeding further.We provide excellent matches for our clients. Once agreed, you will be lawfully bound to all the rules and regulations we have. Our team can make changes to terms and conditions or rules at any time without any permission.

Age eligibility

There are certain age eligibility conditions that an individual should meet before becoming our member. For a female, she must be 18 years old and in the case of males, he must be 21 years or above. Our aim is to promote profiles of individuals who are actually looking for a marriage partner. In any case, if an individual does not meet any age criteria, then his/her profile would be abolished. While registering with us, you must ensure that

  • You are lawfully proficient and authorized to use our platform
  • You should not be involved in any illegal activity that may restrict you to use our matrimonial services.
  • You will obey all the terms and conditions carefully.

Our team has every right to terminate or prohibit your profile unless we are completely assured that you are entirely qualified to enter a marriage relationship. Our team reserves the right to end your right/authority to utilize the service without any refund from your unused registration fee.


NRI Marriage Services permit every member to terminate the membership at any time by just sending us a formal email. Upon ending the membership, you will not be qualified to get any compensation from the company. We are permissible to end the membership of a member by just informing him/her via verified contact details he/she has given to us. If you violate any of our terms and conditions, you will not be allowed to take your refund at any cost. The membership’s duration differs according to the plan you have chosen.

Non-commercial usage by members

The online platform of NRI Marriage Services has been developed for members and they can use it for personal purposes. To get an ideal match, you can promote your matrimonial profile and receive acceptances from other favorable profiles, but cannot be utilized for any commercial purpose like promotions or ads. You, as a member, can accept/reject the interest of other members. You are not permitted to provide any links to other websites, which may be yours or any of our competitors for promotional reason. Furthermore, our terms and conditions must not be violated by using them for any other reason, you need to ensure it and if misused illegally, legal action can be taken against you.

Extra Terms of Use for Members

  • NRI Marriage Services holds the right to keep an eye on all the profiles. If needed, the team will have permission to terminate the membership of a member.
  • While registering on our matrimony platform, you should make sure that you will not have any kind of issue when you will receive emails, calls, or messages from our team and it is valid until your membership ends with our company. If you accept it, it will not include any of your registrations done with National Customer Preference Registration and DND (Do Not Disturb) Service. Although, this acceptance include calls, messages, and emails from our team, but, inquiries, advertisements, and promotional offers via our team are excluded completely
  • A member cannot have more than one profile on our website and if any additional profile by the same user will be found, then the team can close it without any permission
  • A member will not have the right to sell products or trade any business via his/her profile on our website.
  • The site stores the information of the members, which will never be used for harassment by the team
  • In any case, if the team finds you faulty for abusing or misusing the displayed data of other members, then NRI Marriage Servicescan take legal action as the team is lawfully rightful.
  • Automated software cannot be utilized to communicate.
  • The team of the NRI Marriage Services will observe interactions between members. If there is any obscene communication found, the team will have the right to delete it immediately without informing the concerned members on the website
  • The team gives an advice to every member of the siteabout their privacy and safety and warns them to stay safe and cautious. Every member must be vigilantwhile communicating with other members. If you find any misbehave or abusive made by any other member, then it is essential that you must inform the team at any cost. The site contains the right guidelines for communicating with others, you must go through them carefully

Upon signing up with the NRI Marriage Services, every member must confirm that he/she accepts all the terms and conditions

Content proprietorship of members

The team of the NRI Marriage Services has all the privileges to post the content on the website. The content posted by the website is completely copyright of the NRIMS, apart from the data provided or posted by members. You, as a member, will not have the privilegeto utilize the info available on the website in any manner for any illegal activity. Members cannot change or distribute the info presented on the site. If the situation occurs, when any of the members have started using the content that is copyright of the website, the membership of the particular member will be ended and they will not be eligible to get any refund and of course, the team reserves the right to take legal action against that member.

Content displayed on the site

  • When members accept the terms of use and terms and conditions of our platform, then they must know that the team of NRI Marriage Services can delete or remove any kind of wrong content displayed on the website
  • When any of the members share their valuable data, then they give permissions to NRI Marriage Services to utilize that data in any means with the major objective to promote the individual’s profile
  • A member will be held accountable for the posted content on the website if he/she has done it
  • The contact details (phone numbers, email id, and personal address) must not be shared by a member with other members without our permission. The team will never display this data of any member on the website.

Restricted content

The below-mentioned list embraces the type of restricted content, which cannot be utilized by any member. If any of the below-mentioned terms and conditions get violated or misused by any member, then the same member will lose his/her membership by the company and he/she will not be eligible for any refund. This restricted content that cannot be used by a member is as follows:

  • Wrong information and actions by a member
  • Annoyance/harassment of the other members on the website of NRI Marriage Services
  • Content that causes physical harm or racist to other members
  • Content that is stolen or pirated must not be posted
  • Pornography content
  • Any kind of exploitation-related content to a member under the age of 18 years
  • Content that gives info about a person having an age of 18 years
  • Content that shows any illegal activity and creates any computer virus or illegal object
  • Promoted content related to any competition or scheme
  • Content displaying data related to the passwords of other members on the website

Patent policy

Without getting the consent of the owner of such patented rights in a written form, you are not allowed to post, reproduce, or distribute the copyrighted content of NRI Marriage Services. If you want to do it, then it is your duty to get the written consent from the owner before posting, reproducing, or distributing any content. In any case, if you, as a member, feel that your content has been copied or reproduced and posted on our website, then you must inform our team right away. At that time, you need to provide the below-mentioned information

  • A physical/electronic signature of the person who is lawful to the content and can act on behalf of the owner regarding the copyright interest
  • A copy of the copied, reproduced, or distributed content
  • A copy of the section from where the content has been copied and where the content has been posted after reproducing on the website of NRI Marriage Services
  • A report in a document form by an individual who has the sole rights to the patented content ownership
  • Lastly, a written statement needs to be shown by a person stating that the above information is entirely true to his/her knowledge of the content’s owner or if you are acting on the behalf of the content’s owner

Arguments between members

All members are completely accountable for their interactions with other members of the NRI Marriage Services. Our team will not be able to interfere between members in the case of an argument, only if the matter goes beyond the limit, then our team can intervene and can take any kind of action legally against the members who misbehave or abuse


Our team is not liable for the below-mentioned activities:

  • Content posted on the website of NRI Marriage Services, whether it belongs to the services, behavior of other members, or information related to any member
  • Any deleted or stolen content and any unwarranted entrance of the communication of two members
  • Our team makes efforts to deliver guaranteed results, but if the results do not come, then we are not responsible
  • Any loss or damage to any member regarding the use of the services of NRI Marriage Services
  • Content that is posted by a third-party. Rather than, our team can claim any loss caused after posting a particular content on the website by a third party

Limitation on commitment

NRI Marriage Services will not be held accountable for any damage to members after the utilization of our services. Our team is only permissible to pay the membership fees if needed.


If any dispute takes place, then it will be settled in India according to the laws and rules, and regulations of the country


A situation occurs where the loss of NRI Marriage Services or its partners takes place, then a member must agree to compensate us. You, as a member, will need to pay the fees of a lawyer and all those charges that may define your violations of the terms and conditions decided by NRI Marriage Services


  • Upon joining our matrimony platform, NRI Marriage Services, you must agree to receive emails from our team
  • You will be allowed to end the membership and unsubscribe to our services at any time
  • You can manage subscription and alerts through the ‘Settings’ tab available on the website of NRI Marriage Services
  • When there is a case of violation by a member, then this agreement will become enforceable

Additional Information


NRI Marriage Services is the possessor and authorized user of the following domain names


Maintenance of the account

You, as a member, are merely accountable for:

  • Maintaining the privacy of the user identification and user password
  • All those activities performed by you via your identification
  • Carrying out all transactions either offline or online that include debit/credit cards or any other form of payment
  • Using any kind of document for making offline or online transactions

NRI Marriage Services cannot be held responsible for any activity regarding the improper or misuse of the information related to the utilization of debit or credit cards used by a member either offline or online. Our team takes maximum precautions to protect your stored information with us and all payments methods are being protected by strong algorithms. But NRI Marriage Services are not accountable if the information of a member goes into the wrong hands as online transactions are carried out via the internet and the company cannot ensure the use of the internet safely if any weak link in transactions is present. But as far as the privacy of the information of our members is concerned, our team takes every possible step to provide the maximum protection.

Legitimacy of the information provided

NRI Marriage Services reserves the privilege to check the legacy of the content that is posted on the website by any member. Our team may ask or call you to provide a document or other form of proof that supports the content or information posted on the website. You, as a member, shall produce or provide our team with the document or other evidence they want without any complaint.

In any case, if the member does not succeed to provide a particular document within a specified or given period of time, then NRI Marriage Services, in its sole will, may terminate his/her membership and penalize the member and a refund would not be applicable in such a case. Our team will take the correct steps by taking care of the provisions of the law.

When a member accepts terms and conditions, then he/she gives us the right to use his/her photos in the section of our success stories once they get their perfect matches and they are happy and contented with our services. In any case, if you do not want us to post your photos, then you must inform us so that our team can act to delete them immediately and for that, you can write us at info@nrimservices.com or call us at +1 888.610.6194 (Toll-Free)

Domain nrimservices.comis registered and owned by NRI Marriage Services and our address is 1090 Texan Trail #412 Grapevine, TX 76051