Q1: Is it easy to sign up with NRI Marriage Services?

A1: Yes, of course! There is a simple and easy registration process that you need to follow if you are interested in using our services. To register with NRI Marriage Services, you can send an inquiry to us using the consultation form available on our website.

Q2: Do I need to pay some charges to sign up and get a matrimonial profile on NRIMS?

A2: No, it is absolutely free of cost to register with NRIMS and create a matrimonial profile.

Q3:What information can be visible to other members of NRIMS?

A3: Once you create a profile on NRIMS, you will provide some details to us that will be displayed on your profile. Free members can get to know about your few basic details, whereas members with a paid subscription can view all of your details easily.

Q4: What do I need to view the profiles of other members and invite them?

A4: You need to sign into your account at NRIMS. After signing in, you can view the matrimonial profiles of those members who are also registered with us. In fact, you can send them an invitation also.

Q5: Can everyone view my phone number and email address?

A5: No, don’t worry, your contact details are completely confidential with us. Such contact info is not easily visible to anyone. If anyone wants to contact you, they will have to contact our team.

Q6: Can I buy any membership plan easily?

A6: Yes! Free membership will give you only basic help, but if you want to get complete benefit of NRI Marriage Services at any time and as per your interest, then you should buy a membership plan. Your free plan will be upgraded to a premium membership plan that will offer you exciting facilities and offers

Q7: What benefits will your membership plans offer?

A7: Every membership plan has its own benefits to offer depending on the type of plan you choose. Some benefits include viewing the profiles of other members (free or paid), profile interest, online chats, contacting members with personalized messages, etc.

Q8: How can I pay charges for membership plans?

A8: There are different payment methods accepted by us. When you are going to buy a membership plan at NRIMS, then you will easily know about different modes of payments that may include credit/debit cards, net banking, etc.

Q9: Are online payments secure on NRIMS?

A9: Yes, of course! We have secure payment gateway systems on our website that processes online payments. Our team puts efforts to guarantee that all online payments are completely 100% safe and secure.

Q10: Can I change my password?

A10: Yes, why not! If you want to change your password as you forgot it or simply want another password for your profile, then there are simple instructions to go through. There is a ‘forgot password’ link available on our website that you can see after clicking on the login option. With this link, your password can be reset.

Q11: What if I forget my User ID or Password?

A11: If you do not remember your User ID or Password or both, then don’t need to panic, we are always there to help our members in need. You can email us at info@nrimservices.com or call us at +1 888.610.6194 (Toll-Free).

Q12: Can I accept/decline a request from a profile member when he/she contacts me?

A12: There is an accept or decline button on our website, you will see when anyone contacts you and requests you to create a connection. It depends on you whether you want to accept or decline the request, just hit a specific button.

Q13: What is Profile Interest?

A13: It is a feature that lets you send automated messages to other members on our website without paying any money. This free-of-cost feature shows that you are interested in them.

Q14: What is the number of Profile Interest that can be sent in a single day?

A14: There is no restriction on the number of Profile Interests to be sent to other members on our website in a single day. You can send unlimited profile interests.

Q15: How can I contact your customer support service for any query?

A15: There are two ways with which you can reach out to our customer support team regarding any query. You can send us a message at info@nrimservices.comor make a phone call at +1 888.610.6194 (Toll-Free)